Top 10 Identity and Access Management Companies - 2018

Axiad IDS: Moving Enterprises Toward a ‘Frictionless Future’

Yves Audebert, Chairman, Co-CEO & Founder, Axiad IDSYves Audebert, Chairman, Co-CEO & Founder
Bollywood has given us some espionage thrillers in which the protagonist has a talent for assuming new identities, whether to gain access to a security firm or orchestrate high profile data breaches. In the real world however, cyberattackers with such skills are causing enterprises to pay a huge price, both monetarily and to their brand reputations. Managing identities and distinguishing malicious groups of users have become herculean tasks for CISOs, who are expected to solve identity and access management issues in their organizations. Due to limited internal resources, they must also leverage the latest technologies and products available in the market. This is not easy to do alone.

“At Axiad IDS, we are helping companies address these challenges as we guide them toward a ‘frictionless future.’ By frictionless we mean both a better user and operational experience,” asserts Yves Audebert, the chairman, Co-CEO, and founder of the company.

Axiad IDS follows a holistic approach to enterprise security by providing integrated solutions that enable enterprises to leverage their infrastructure asset management (IAM) investments without needing to rebuild and replace the existing platform. The goal is to deliver a frictionless experience for the user, administrator, and executive team. In particular, the company’s cloud platform, Axiad ID Cloud, makes it easier to implement and manage trusted identities, cuts down the total cost of ownership, reduces the manageability issues of traditional on-premises solutions, and offers relief to today’s thinly stretched IT teams. Each client receives a Virtual Private Cloud dedicated to their data, which provides extra layers of security protection. Axiad ID Cloud is becoming a go-to platform for businesses that want to easily deploy, utilize, and manage their enterprise credentials throughout their digital ecosystem.

We have always been focused on improving the user experience, but now our strategic roadmap will be aimed at helping enterprises embrace a frictionless experience across all their constituents

Axiad IDS is also keeping a close eye on the major trend toward mobile credentials. “Despite the popularity of mobile credentials there is no one-size-fits-all credential. It is not realistic to think that companies will go completely mobile. A diverse population requires a mix of enterprise credentials,” says Audebert. Axiad IDS brings to the table a mix of credential types, uniquely positioning their experts to help organizations manage the full spectrum of enterprise credential requirements. Axiad IDS’ solutions also encompass the entire ecosystem of people, systems, and devices within an organization. Today’s threats can arise from anyone, inside or outside the organization, as well as machines and digital transactions, which must be authenticated as genuine and trustworthy.

From the business and security perspectives, the company designs custom solutions that allow organizations to interact online safely and quickly and securely access information. Axiad IDS excels in providing organizations with customized solutions that don’t require them to choose between security, ease-of-use, and management. For instance, the company’s team worked closely with the CIO of a large healthcare customer to deploy reliable, ubiquitous multi-factor authentication across 6,300 laptops and devices. They launched the solution rapidly through the Axiad ID Cloud platform and reduced the time required by the medical staff to access confidential information, while still securely protecting patient data.

Axiad ID’s plans to assist IAM leaders move away from legacy passwords and assess new authentication methods on the basis of their risks, budget, and needs. “We have always been focused on improving the user experience, but now our strategic roadmap will be aimed at helping enterprises embrace a frictionless experience across all their constituents,” concludes Audebert.