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Building Intelligence: Purpose Built IAM for Building Security

Jeffrey C. Friedman, CEO, Building IntelligenceJeffrey C. Friedman, CEO
Visible security measures can discourage wrongdoers from causing harm at a building. Every facility is vulnerable to varying degrees of intrusion. What if those visible security measures came in the form of e-mails, kiosks, and portals?

Alarming reports of vendors gaining access to secure facilities, stealing data or causing damage are not uncommon. Buildings and facilities have a number of unsecured access points that seem like soft targets. One can easily enter any facility when dressed up as a telecom worker or pretending to be a delivery person. Protecting a building from risky and unauthorized entrants is a shared responsibility of occupants, designated security teams, facility operators, and public law enforcement. To effectively manage access points in a building and to understand who is on location during an emergency, facility operators need a comprehensive solution which, at its core, is identity management.

New York based Building Intelligence has reimagined IAM for enterprises as well as for multi-stakeholder, multi-tenant facilities; they have made it their mission to ensure the security of critical infrastructure, corporate assets, and people. While most IAM products focus on employees, Building Intelligence’s SV3® platform is a comprehensive workflow and identity management solution for managing vendors, their vehicles, and visitors as they enter and act within a facility.

Through seamless integration, SV3® can be used to extend and repurpose legacy access solutions to include contractors, suppliers, vendors, delivery personnel, and visitors. With utmost compatibility and powerful customizability features, SV3® is an important complement to any existing or developing security program. The key aspect that impressed us most about Building Intelligence is how the company enables their clients to generate higher return on investments with SV3® by aligning the product with their business objectives and physical security needs.

Jeffrey C. Friedman, CEO of Building Intelligence shares his in-depth insights into how the company takes access control beyond traditional electronic security.

Could you give us more insights on the unique value proposition that Building Intelligence imparts to building security?

Building Intelligence has built the cloud-based solution, SV3®, which is a fully integrated enterprise-level access management solution. It allows security officers, concierges, and building staff to manage and secure lobbies, loading docks or any entry point of a building. SV3® has won several awards and is the only solution stack that is SAFETY Act-designated by the Department of Homeland Security. The designation provides liability protection to our clients by recognizing them as entities utilizing Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT). We are supportive of the mission of the Safety Act, and that’s why we encourage pilot programs of our solution.

Please walk us through some of the key functional aspects of the SV3® product suite.

Understanding who enters a facility is a crucial part of security operations. SV3® serves as a system that maintains visitor records, replaces paper logbooks, enables custom badge printing and more importantly, makes visitors feel safe. SV3® provides automated self-registration service for visitors. The product connects to the cloud allowing clients to cross-check vital visitor information with federated “Watch Lists” and “VIP Lists.” It integrates with existing access control systems of buildings smoothly and supports signature capture and QR-code tech. When it comes to vehicle and vendor management, SV3® enables the building staff to manage vehicle location and information and provides fast credentialing of vehicles and its occupants. By creating real-time statistics, notifications, and alerts on vehicles and vendors entering the building, SV3® can provide just-in-time vehicle and driver information, and store certificates of insurance.

Tell us more about the loading dock solution and freight management.

In the context of loading docks where lack of access control can be misused by potential criminals, uninsured vendors, and casual parkers, SV3® provides up-to-the-minute records of all past, present, and future delivery authorizations. It enables scheduling and managing of incoming and exiting trucks, and deliveries through a single interface, so that users can analyze, maintain, and export reports based on date range, vendor or tenant. Users can also initiate parking resource allocations.

There will be a complete convergence of security, logistics, and operations. As pioneers in supplying a service that supports a truly integrated solution based in identity and workflow management, SV3® streamlines operations, supports traffic management, and generates an amazing visitor experience

We have heard that SV3® can be managed through mobile devices. Can you explain?

Our core operational strategy revolves around the “cloud to mobile” mantra. SV3® can work on any mobile device with 3G/4G connectivity. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the simplicity of deployment and strive to make the product as cost-effective as possible. We have teamed with many system integrators who have now deployed the product throughout the U.S. With their assistance, SV3® integrates into many aspects of physical security including incident management (PSIM) systems and video management systems (VMS).

Who are your typical customers?

We have 1,000s of people using our product to support and secure operations at their facilities; their investment in security can have a significant ROI in terms of operational efficiency. Our clientele includes high-risk landmarks, oil and gas companies, sports and entertainment facilities, financial and corporate office clusters, and residential complexes. We also work for federal, state, and local government entities.

Could you share with us a couple of customer success stories?

A loading dock that spanned over two million square feet was managed by multiple stakeholders who employed guards to measure and supply billing information based on dock usage by their respective vendors. Through a herculean effort, more than 17 security officers gathered data on the vehicles and people coming in and out of the facility using clipboards. With SV3® the number of personnel required to measure the loading dock was halved, and the facility could use the savings to support more patrols and a better overall program. At any given time, the stakeholders knew who was on the dock, when and why, and the facility was able to restrict operations to only “known” individuals who were identified and allowed on the loading dock.

In another instance, a facility was able to install kiosks powered by SV3® in more than 25 locations and eliminate the need for officers at all the lobbies. Their entrance security team was in turn repositioned to perform active patrols. Tenants could send invitations via e-mails to visitors, and upon arrival, visitors had their QR codes scanned which would promptly notify the tenants. Additionally, the facility was able to run a global watch list of vendors, visitors, and vehicles. This was a better visitor experience for incoming guests. The security officers transitioned into a more active security posture, and SV3® allowed the business to understand who was at each location.

It seems that SV3® goes beyond Identity Management and Access Control; it appears to be a much more comprehensive offering, can you explain?

There will be a complete convergence of security, logistics, and operations. As pioneers in supplying a service that supports a truly integrated solution based on identity and workflow management, SV3® streamlines operations, supports traffic management, and generates an amazing visitor experience. Past investments in video solutions and access control will be re-purposed to meet business objectives. It used to be that investments in security were an unfortunate cost of doing business. We are taking a different approach and are providing pilots to qualified potential clients to show what we think is an crucial turning point in the story of physical security.

What does the future look like for Building Intelligence?

We are a company built on the principles of providing great service, so we measure our growth based on our clients’ success. Building Intelligence protects some of the biggest and most renowned buildings in the U.S. We are starting to deploy overseas, particularly in the APAC regions. We are also beginning to see interest from malls and major convention centers. Since the product’s scope is not limited to one particular type of facility; the opportunity is enormous for us and our partners.