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Kürsat Kurt, Founder & CEO, bvk technologyKürsat Kurt, Founder & CEO
You have been hacked! These are four words are nothing less than a nightmare for organizations. While the world is trying to cope with organized and fast learner cybercriminals, enterprises have to get a step ahead of the levels of persistence, sophistication, and organization. Looking beyond the foundations in their approach to security, organizations definitely look for new means to safeguard their business assets as their traditional identity and access management systems are unable to restrict malicious actors and meet security needs of IoT, BYOD, and cloud-based services. In search of alternatives, IT leadership ponders over deploying a robust solution that prevents cyberattackers from digital as well as physical access to business data and systems. bvk technology’s OTCaccess is their answer. “With our offline authentication technology, users can monitor and manage physical as well digital access points from one centralized system,” says Kürsat Kurt, Founder & CEO of bvk technology. In an era where users require access from almost any endpoint located anywhere and from any type of application, and device, bvk is setting a new standard in the industry with the development and production of smart, connected security devices and web-based management and monitoring applications for ATMs and financial institutions.

Keeping in mind the need for an agile IAM and the idea of centralizing both physical and digital access management, OTCaccess is designed to make a difference in permitting access to a broad gamut of tools and application that range from ATM Top Box to web URLs. The solution generates one time codes (OTCs) based on individual, access point, time period and OTC type/function for every access request. It adds a level of complexity to accessing a device or an application as the users have to pass offline verification process using a combination of OTC and PIN or contactless ID card, OTC, and PIN.
While OTC is a crucial element in assuring access to the authorized person, network administrators can centrally control access to selected applications, files, and folders using OTCaccess for Microsoft Windows. They can ascribe a session time to user’s online and offline activities and create an auto-logout for a session that extends beyond the prescribed limit. The solution provides protection against ransomware and unauthorized file management activities like editing, copying, and renaming. It also strengthens the web security posture by enabling the enterprises to select and list the domain and end points at their web servers.

With our offline authentication technology, users can monitor and manage physical as well digital access points from one centralized system

bvk leverages its experience in access control and empowers banks and financial institutions with smart security solutions for protecting one of most critical units of banking transactions—ATM machines. When AGS Technologies, an independent ATM deployer based in India operating nearly 40,000 bank-owned ATMs, was tasked to replace their inefficient and problematic safe lock mechanisms, it approached bvk. After analyzing flaws like malfunctioning of locks and keys and sudden downtimes, bvk offered a customized solution that includes 2-factor authentication for physical and digital access. The one-time code (OTC) based lock software provided global and central management of users, devices, and codes via a central web-based management system. Also, bvk developed a retrofit kit utilizing an electronic PCB board that underpinned an online, real-time safe lock with offline OTC authentication. With online connectivity and management, the locks from bvk send constant updates, allowing AGS to foresee and quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

Success stories like AGS have been fueling bvk’s zeal to innovate their solutions using emerging technologies like deep analytics, behavioral biometrics, and artificial intelligence. Also, customer feedback plays an important role in the enhancement of its solutions. The leadership of the firm is focused on building a network of system integrators and implementation partners across the globe. bvk strives to help its clients beat the malicious actors in their own game.
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bvk technology

bvk technology

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Kürsat Kurt, Founder & CEO

Specialized in development and production of smart, connected security devices and their web based management & monitoring applications mainly for ATMs & Fis