Computer Integrated Services: Empowering Robust Identity Governance

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Todd Hershman, Co-Founder & President, Computer Integrated ServicesTodd Hershman, Co-Founder & President
It was the last day of a rigorous two-week internal audit at an internationally known media firm. At the end of it, the auditors found only one problem. “The sole red flag was that there were no red flags, which was not normal,” they reported. This outcome caught the auditors by surprise since they had found over 250 security compliance violations during a previous audit. But the situation came as no shock to the media firm’s senior executives who had engaged the expert services of Computer Integrated Services (CIS), a network integration and infrastructure service provider of identity and access management (IAM) technology. The media firm, which struggled from lack of effective integration with a robust HR system, saw a paradigm shift with CIS’ deployment of Micro Focus’ NetIQ Identity Manager and Sentinel to achieve continuous compliance. “In a global market where identity and access management based risks are on the rise, CIS helps organizations streamline their security stature and maintain regulatory compliance,” says Todd Hershman, co-founder and president of CIS.

With over two decades of experience in the IAM sector, CIS has witnessed the evolution of the industry, from its origins where organizations were trying to relieve their workforce of time-consuming, redundant and error-prone manual tasks, to today’s growing need for regulatory compliance. Due to the lack of internal expertise in IAM, business decision makers are keen on outsourcing IAM. In the present circumstance, CIS saves the day by providing a Managed IAM Infrastructure service offering under the brand, “CIS-MIAMI™,” coupled with extensive expertise in the field and prowess revolving around identity solution architecture, engineering and deployment. In addition to identity management, CIS’ offering specializes in monitoring not only the IAM servers but also the systems connected to those servers. Being a platinum partner for Micro Focus, CIS has high-level access to Micro Focus’ engineering group, giving them a significant advantage over peers in the market.

In a global market where identity and access management based risks are on the rise, CIS helps organizations streamline their security stature and maintain regulatory compliance

Hershman states that three aspects support CIS’ value proposition. First is its demonstrated experience and expertise, which gives team CIS a view of the prevalent challenges and competitors. Additionally, with a proven methodology of implementing, deploying, and supporting solutions for customers, CIS has set itself apart in the market. Another key aspect of CIS is its understanding of Micro Focus’ NetIQ IAM solution, choosing it strategically over other available vendors. Using NetIQ provides its own unique advantages to the customer through its flexibility and compatibility. Harnessing the flexibility, CIS provides solutions to customers, customized to their requirements and individual business structure. “One does not change the business to fit a technology, rather the technology complements the business,” adds Rob Rawson, chief identity access officer at CIS.

Furthermore, CIS offers administrative services, escalation support, and high-level strategic consulting. Apart from providing technologies built by different vendors, CIS also develops its own solutions, such as drivers to help integrate Workday, Cisco Unified Call Manager and AWS. Among those drivers, the underlying LiQuiDSOAP™ foundation is a noteworthy innovation by CIS, owing to its ability to provide faster web services integration for any business software in the market.

With rapid growth over the years and spreading its wings in the U.S. and Canada, CIS aspires for a complete reach across the 50 states. In the coming months, CIS aims to increase customer traction by capitalizing on the increased migration to the cloud. Complementing each other, identity management and cloud applications can form the base for a robust infrastructure. Also, team CIS envisions helping organizations to move to the cloud and leverage cloud-based capabilities to provide identity provisioning, authentication services and orchestrated compliance management.
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Computer Integrated Services

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Todd Hershman, Co-Founder & President and Rob Rawson, Chief Identity Access Officer

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