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E. Allan Hilsinger, Founder & CEO, Guard Well Identity Theft SolutionsE. Allan Hilsinger, Founder & CEO
An identity is stolen every two seconds impacting nearly 48,000 American victims each day. The rise of identity theft and data breaches not only affects employees and their families but also negatively impacts the revenue, employee productivity and brand reputation of employers. Moreover, the loss of intellectual property adds further to the woes of organizations. Although the market is flooded with numerous identity protection and management solutions, many fall short of expectations. “Victimized employees spend an average of 165 work time hours trying to resolve their identity theft damages rather than focusing on the company bottom line,” says E. Allan Hilsinger, Founder and CEO of Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions.

Ohio-based Guard Well takes the driver’s seat in addressing the identity theft and restoration challenges through its full resolution solutions, cutting-edge advanced monitoring tools and proprietary API technology. “When identity theft strikes, we take charge and fully resolve the issues allowing employees to focus on work duties. We don’t stop until the victim’s identity is recovered and restored,” Hilsinger notes.

Every program offered automatically includes full resolution for the household, which provides unlimited access to fraud resolution specialists. “Available 24/7/365, we never close,” Hilsinger explains.

Customized solutions are distributed almost exclusively through the employee benefit space—on a voluntary basis—at no cost to the employer.
Employer paid options are available as well. Guard Well offers tiers of credit/ identity monitoring programs. The Premium Monitoring program features tools such as single bureau credit report—score—monitoring, SSN trace, court records, lost wallet, $1M insurance and mobile app access in addition to ‘CyberAgent’—a tool that monitors billions of databases in the dark web where personal information is stolen then sold. More robust tools are included in the Elite Monitoring program such as three bureau credit reports—scores— monitoring, adult/child social media monitoring, adult/child SSN trace, adult/child CyberAgent, change of address, sex offender registry, non-credit/payday loan and more. Up to ten children in the household can be monitored and family pricing exists if a secondary adult would like to enroll. “Our clients find value in our solutions which is reflected by enrollment take rates. We have seen take rates as high as 35 percent of the employee population,” Hilsinger remarks.

Ease of administration is key. Guard Well’s solutions are simple to implement and manage for both employers and their employees. Proprietary API technology provides payroll deduct capabilities with fully integrated online fulfillment. “From employee elections through enrollment completion and ongoing membership management we have oiled the machine to work incredibly well,” says Hilsinger.

As a case in point, a company with over 60,000 employees realized the need for coverage for their population as employee identity theft cases increased, which negatively impacted their bottom line. Guard Well implemented a customized employer paid resolution program for all employees and their households, resulting in higher productivity and ROI.

With a motto of innovation and enhancement, Guard Well plans to expand the reach of its solutions through new channels. They now offer fully managed data breach response programs that become effective upon the company suffering a data breach which exposes the PII of one or more individuals. Guard Well has blazed the trail in the employee benefit space and now provides solutions to protect the entire organization.
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Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions

Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions

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