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Kiek Choeung, Partner, Rahul Dua, Partner and Paul Oehling, Partner, RedMatter SolutionsKiek Choeung, Partner, Rahul Dua, Partner and Paul Oehling, Partner
The cybersecurity sphere has welcomed many innovative technologies, but the thirst for efficient cybersecurity solutions is still unquenched among CIOs. The search for a holistic solution that brings in ease of access to networks and devices, alongside added security is the “holy grail” for these stakeholders trying to swim in a market where there is a constant threat of data breach and cyber attacks. On the flip side, vendors have been trying to leverage the latest tech trends, in order to find the best possible ways to provide the right access to the right user—a complicated process—making identity and access management (IAM) more relevant and crucial.

One company that is well positioned to take such stakeholders to the “promised land” is RedMatter Solutions. The company prides itself on being a dynamic technology and management consulting firm that provides robust solutions for identity and access management, information assurance, information security policy, and cybersecurity concerns.

RedMatter stays ahead of the curve by providing key components of cybersecurity. It serves the need of the clients by supporting the management and securing of PKI implementations. It integrates and innovates security technologies into large-scale environments; supports and maintains complex security domains as well. The firm works as a devoted teammate to grow clients’ businesses to new heights. The powerful solutions built by the company are regularly updated to combat the growing challenges in the client’s realm. The founders of RedMatter Solutions have over 40 years of combined experience in innovative methodologies, processes, and technologies to secure information systems. “We were involved in some of the early ideas around such a problem.

We get in there, and we make sure we are one of them

As the challenges in access management have changed, our solutions and expertise have changed, and we have matured along the same lines,” says Kiek Choeung, a partner at RedMatter Solutions.

Performance, Innovation, and Delivery

RedMatter Solutions has provided CIO level consulting, implementation and engineering support to some of the largest enterprises in the world. The firm has provided full lifecycle support and operational management to multiple federal clients in the areas of FICAM enablement, PKI engineering and enablement, and cloud identity solution development. The firm has a long and successful history of supporting identity management and cyber security initiatives within the DoD and federal government.

“What slows the implementation of identity and access management across the government is federal policies regulatory compliance. We understand the policies and the nuances and the reason behind them,” says Rahul Dua, a partner at RedMatter Solutions.

A Trusted Partner

Leveraging the expertise in IAM, RedMatter Solutions works tirelessly in bringing top-notch services to its clients. “We get in there, and we make sure we are one of them. We understand the pain points and when we deliver, that adds efficiency in how things get deployed and how products get integrated, that is the value that we have,” states Paul Oehling, a partner at RedMatter Solutions. Innovation has always steered the company forward, sticking on to that motive, the company intends to advance their capabilities in 2019. The firm has made a major investment in an innovation lab with goal of staying ahead of the latest technology. They have an intern program with local universities to ensure they have a pipeline to young technologists. “We want to ensure our team has the resources necessary to provide the best service to our clients,” says Rahul Dua. This definitely is going to cement their position as an innovative solution provider in the industry.
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RedMatter Solutions

RedMatter Solutions

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Kiek Choeung, Partner, Rahul Dua, Partner and Paul Oehling, Partner

RedMatter Solutions is a dynamic technology and management consulting firm focused on providing robust solutions to clients