Top 10 Identity and Access Management Companies - 2018

SurePassID: Avant Garde Authentication Solutions

Kevin Raineri, VP Business Development, SurePassIDKevin Raineri, VP Business Development
There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those that will be. That doesn’t apply just to the enterprise networks and computers. Add to that the exponentially-expanding IoT realm and the fact that 400,000 new devices are plugged into the internet every hour, and almost 74 percent are not shielded by contemporary security systems reveals the loopholes with today’s critical data of most enterprises and IoT devices. That being said, the top priority for enterprises today is the implementation of modern authentication systems that address the shortcomings of legacy systems and IoT devices, their vulnerability to impersonations. SurePassID is one company trying to make a difference with its approach is SurePassID—making swift strides in the enterprise security landscape for its innovation drive and cementing its position as a trusted ‘core-to-the-door’ identity and access management solution provider. “Our multi-factor authentication system is aimed at bridging the gaps that traditional security measures can’t fill and supports a wide variety of tokens--ensuring the needs of businesses and managed service providers are met,” says Vice President, Kevin Raineri.

Headed by the industry veterans, Mark Poidomani and Kevin Raineri, SurePassID has continued to deliver industry-leading two-factor authentication solutions, which serve as virtual fortresses in the mitigation of identity security threats. The company is known for its finesse in providing cost-effective solutions that adhere to open standards such as Open Authentication (OATH) and Fast Identity Online (FIDO), facilitates inter-operability and hassle-free customer experience. SurePassID’s holistic solution is an amalgamation of intelligent, adaptive, and traditional authentication approaches and is tailored to cater to the government, banking, e-commerce, and healthcare sectors. Many clients seek the assistance of the company for its expertise in high-security environments and its ability to customize the solution to suit the specific security challenges.

One of the firm’s noteworthy accomplishments is the embedding of their authentication server and next generation key management technology onto a chip that enables smart products manufacturers to build IoT devices with security built into the core product. This “authentication-server-on-a-chip” has been licensed to several leading chip manufacturers to help their IoT customers prevent attacks on connected devices.

SurePassID delivers industry-leading multi-factor authentication solutions, which serve as virtual fortresses in the mitigation of identity security threats for the smallest of devices to the largest systems.

Several leading IoT product manufacturers are now deploying such on-chip servers for authentication solutions that enable apps to use strong authentication for unlocking doors, accessing surveillance cameras securely, securing critical infrastructure, and healthcare devices. The system operates in both Amazon AWS IoT and Microsoft Windows IoT platforms and use AI to dynamically adjust authentication requirements. The first-generation system was a pillar of innovation at Freescale FTF in 2015 and has rapidly evolved ever since.

Unlike its competitors, SurePassID believes in a complete demonstration of its capabilities to potential clients based on a ‘try before you buy’ approach. SurePassID provides enterprise IT security leaders the option to get a hands-on feel for the power, convenience, and flexibility of its platform by simply creating a sandbox account, thus helping decision makers comprehend the benefits of a SurePassID platform from the organization’s perspective. The approach also plays a vital role in designing a customized solution aligned with the client’s business goals.

Raineri recalls a recent collaboration with a reputed healthcare institution that illustrates the capabilities of SurePassID. The firm aimed to design a customized, scalable cloud-based platform to enable connectivity between the hospital’s staff and patients. To ensure the platform is personalized and suits the interests of patients, the client wanted the platform to be flexible enough to support multiple languages and different authentication methods. SurePassID delivered a holistic cloud-based solution aptly aligned with the client’s needs. Additionally, the platform was equipped with a secure API gateway interface that accommodated multiple tenants and offered multiple pricing plans. The firm’s talented resource pool is working relentlessly to enhance the SurePassID platform further to accommodate new biometric authentication methods, notably modern wearable devices. Raineri is also looking forward to more endeavors--deployment of high-security solutions--and the growing embracement of the FIDO authentication standard that will significantly empower governmental agencies in the weeks to come.