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Top 10 Identity and Access Management Companies - 2019

The drastic transformation in the business landscape due to the evolving technological trends has also brought along with it some potent challenges that the organizations need to counter. The major setback that most enterprises face is the concern of data threat and cybersecurity. The business world today is completely built upon the concepts of internet of things (IoT), embedded devices, and connected business infrastructure, along with customer interconnection through digital devices. All the data thus collected and stored are at a high risk of being under attack by malicious external/internal players or activities. Hacking and phishing are on a constant rise and enterprise leaders need to empower their firms so as to be appropriately protecting information of their company as well as their clients.

One of the strongest security protocols that have emerged as a befitting answer to cyberattacks is identity and access management (IAM). Businesses today require a safe access to important work-related data, from anywhere and at any time. This is facilitated by the proper implementation of IAM service portfolio over various industry verticals. It is vital for organizations to follow a well-strategized IAM plan so as to ensure overall security of control programs, systems, and functions used by both employers and employees. What becomes most significant in this need to instil and stay at par with the manifold cyberthreats, is an effective implementation of real-time and easily accessible identity and access management services. These services need to be conveniently available to all the constituents of the business realm, including owners, partners, and workforce. The technological trends of bring your own devices (BYOD) and connected enterprise also creates a stronger mandate to build on resources, hardware, and manpower associated with IAM.

In light of this, to provide for the top-notch identity and access management services, the marketing strategists and analysts, along with the expert editorial panel of Enterprise Security magazine has assessed and shortlisted companies providing best-in-house services in the IAM landscape. This listing gives an extensive overview and understanding of the services that can help improve business operations in a secure manner.

We present to you, the “Top 10 Identity and Access Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2019”.

    Top Identity and Access Management Companies

  • Provides services to protect against targeted and under-the-radar attacks using self-learning, behavioral anomaly detection algorithms

  • Access governance solutions that automate the lifecycle of identities and entitlements

  • Delivers identity and access management solutions and services to enhance the security, privacy and identity initiatives of organizations while driving meaningful societal impacts

  • Provides identity resolution offerings to inform critical decisions to enterprises at every touchpoint

  • RedMatter Solutions is a dynamic technology and management consulting firm focused on providing robust solutions to clients

  • Offers services ranging from strategic security advisory to SWAT-team remediation projects to help companies understand their risks, create policies for a target end state, and remediate major vulnerabilities



    Global leader for Augmented Identity, an identity that ensures privacy and trust and enables citizens and consumers perform secure, authenticated and verifiable transaction

  • Identiv


    Offers services services that address the markets for physical and logical access control and a wide range of RFID-enabled applications

  • Ipsidy Inc [OTCQX:IDTY

    Ipsidy Inc [OTCQX:IDTY

    Provides processing services for secure, biometric identification, identity management and electronic transaction

  • Laxton Group

    Laxton Group

    Offers cost effective, high technology Election, Identity, and SelfService solutions and services to governments and corporations such as biometrics and big data analytics and cryptography